Coaching Packages

Editing focuses on making the manuscript better.
With one-on-one coaching, the manuscript shines and
you hone your voice, discover your strengths
and become a timeless storyteller.


Hiring a nonfiction writing coach is like having a personal trainer for your writing. I can see your strengths, and I can see which muscles would benefit from attention. By strengthening those muscles, you strengthen your overall body (of work). Sometimes I can even see emotional or cognitive patterns that give rise to particular issues, and once you learn to see them, the patterns fall away.

A little bit of feedback goes a long way. In just a few pages, I can identify issues and patterns that will transform your writing. Every time you learn a new way of approaching a scene, or release an old pattern, you’re learning something that will serve you for as long as you write.

I’m a cheerleader and champion for my clients, and I work with a very limited number at a time, in order to give each one my undivided attention.

You’re free to ask me to questions, and we’ll talk periodically to celebrate your successes and determine your next steps. Along the way, I’ll share my experience in maximizing creativity while minimizing screen time. Yes, “butt in chair” is important, but the most important ‘work’ comes before you sit down to write.


Working with me, you’ll learn how to…

  • Create reader avatars
  • Bring abstract concepts to life
  • Structure your manuscript & chapters
  • Sound authentically like you
  • Explain complex topics clearly
  • Correctly use POV, tense and voice
  • Make your writing more accessible
  • Bring readers into the story
  • Create evocative scenes that resonate
  • Minimize screen time
  • Supercharge your creativity
  • Identify verbal microexpressions
  • Use metaphor to illustrate concepts
  • Navigate writer’s block
  • Write more in less time
  • Coherently write about nonduality
  • Weave magic and logic
  • Facilitate readers’ journeys
  • Use literary techniques to engage readers deeply
  • Manage your internal critic
  • Edit (almost) painlessly

Get Unstuck Now

(Individual Nonfiction Coaching Session)

If you are struggling with one particular place in your nonfiction manuscript, confused about one specific writing technique, or  mired in writer’s block, an individual coaching session can help un-stick you. I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out at least a week in advance of our call, and you’re welcome to send me 2-3 pages that illustrate your particular challenge. When we talk, I’ll offer relevant suggestions, exercises and reading material—along with some of my secrets for getting into an optimal place for writing to flow.
What you’ll receive: Personalized support, collaborative brainstorming, insights on how to break through old and new blocks, along with help with accessing your inner wisdom—balanced with my 25 years of expertise (because when it comes to writing techniques, not all the answers are inside you). I’ll follow up with you by email a week later, to see how you’re doing.
Time frame: 60 minutes
Cost: $175 USD

New nonfiction coaching packages coming soon.

“Sarah took a lot of discombobulated material I had written and teased out the threads so that I can now take it and install a more coherent structure into my writing. On other projects, she has seen intuitively into what the reader would care about in the midst of what is quite complex material. I have had her review at least four of my writing projects and in every case, she has brought high value to the task. She is my go-to person for honest, insightful feedback and coaching.”

Dawna Jones

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