Writing Packages

Your expertise + my writing = a transformative experience for your readers

There are times when “good enough” writing isn’t. When you’re delivering a report to a high-profile client. When you’re creating messaging guidelines. When you want to offer readers a vision of what’s possible. Resonant storytelling goes beyond communicating information: It evokes an experience.

Hiring an experienced writer, whether for a manuscript or blogs and a newsletter, can save you immeasurable time while allowing you to focus on your primary job with confidence. It’s like having a clone, but in writing. Your expertise, combined with my 25 years of storytelling experience, results in engaging, compelling narrative that resonates deeply with your readers.

What can I do for you?

Here are just some of the things I do in the course of writing for clients:

  • Conduct high-level strategic research into emerging trends and findings in your field
  • Learn your subject well enough to translate it for your readers
  • Determine which language resonates most deeply with them
  • Find the essence of the story that wants to be told
  • Discover which structure and language best brings that story to life
  • Create greater engagement through a combination of showing and telling
  • Weave together a balance of magic and logic
  • Translate corporate, academic or esoteric jargon into clear language
  • Evoke an experience in your reader
  • Test multiple structures and words to find innovative ways to tell your story
  • Use the power of the unexpected to make your story resonate deeply

“Of all the writers I’ve worked with in my career—and there have been many—Sarah is one of the most talented. Her writing is creative, compelling and captivating."

Joe Gagliardi

Former Vice President, Entertainment Drive

Writing + Editing à la carte

Save time and expand your reach by partnering with me for your communications. Perhaps you need complex information translated into compelling narrative, a website that reflects your authentic identity, or help polishing an upcoming presentation. I’ll create strategic, resonant pieces that enrich and captivate your audience. Let’s talk.

What I’ll do: Writing or structural/stylistic editing as needed.
What you’ll receive: Exceptional, evocative writing, whether the first draft is mine or yours
Cost: $100USD/$125CAD per hour


Save 10% off my regular hourly rate with this option. It’s ideal for clients who need a variety of ongoing writing and editing services, rather than a single one-off project.

We’ll have a call once a month, during which you elaborate on your writing and editing needs for that month. Newsletters? Blog posts? Reviewing a keynote? Then I’ll free up your time by taking care of whatever you need written or edited. Of course, we’ll stay in touch via email (or text, or calls), but I’ll expect the assignments during our scheduled monthly call. A retainer is not synonymous with being “on call,” and regular turnaround times apply.

What I’ll do: I’ll be your outsourced creative writing department. Writing, revisions, research or structural/stylistic editing as necessary (please note I don’t do advertising copywriting, copy editing or proofreading—those are different skill sets)
What you’ll receive: 20 hours of my services, to write or edit whatever you need.
Cost: $1800USD / $2250CAD per month (three month minimum) — a $200+ savings off my regular hourly rate.

“Sarah has not only a beautiful writing style but also brains: she has a unique ability to synthesize and simplify complex ideas and write about them in a way that’s both enjoyable and makes you instantly smarter. That’s valuable.”

Dianna Carr

Vice President, Storytelling, Resonance Consultancy


Free up your time to focus on your primary work, and still deliver a chapter, ebook or full-length manuscript of exceptional quality. You provide as much background and research material as possible; I write your manuscript, in your voice. Despite the name, this is a collaboration. We’ll have check-in calls at least every two weeks, and you’ll have ample opportunity to review work in progress and provide feedback. The price includes two rounds of reasonable revisions from the first presented manuscript draft (which is usually about the eighth draft). Ghostwriting does not include building a table of contents, indexing, copy editing or professional proofreading, though I’m happy to oversee those tasks for additional fees.

What I’ll do: Bring my deepest creativity and expertise to transform your experience and knowledge into not just a manuscript, but an exceptionally resonant one. This includes everything from concept to framing to structure to style to writing, revising, reframing, polishing…and plenty of time obsessing over word choices.
What you’ll receive: A manuscript you’ll be proud (and legally entitled) to call your own.
Cost: $1/word 
Time frame: Six to 12 months, depending on length

“Sarah is one of the most creative minds I have ever encountered. And if it has to do with writing I truly believe (and her resume shows it) she can do anything.”

Paul Belserene

Consulting Storyteller

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