The best way to get to know my writing is to read my blog. However, blog posts aren’t polished pieces.

I’ve included some published pieces below, as well as client documents that are publicly available. 

“Sarah has not only a beautiful writing style but also brains: she has a unique ability to synthesize and simplify complex ideas and write about them in a way that’s both enjoyable and makes you instantly smarter. That’s valuable.”

Dianna Carr

Vice President, Storytelling, Resonance Consultancy

"Sarah is truly a gifted writer. She paints a picture with words that can literally transport readers to a place and time that is different from the one in which they find themselves, compelling them to feel what she wants them to feel, hear what she wants them to hear, see, smell, taste, etc. In our business in particular, Sarah was always adept at capturing the magical and logical side of a client’s story, bringing it to life in ways that not only delight and inspire, but also guide and direct. She balances between these two worlds—the creative and the strategic—extraordinarily well, and her work was all the better for it...as were her clients."

Bill Baker

Former Chief Strategy Officer, Envisioning + Storytelling

Writing Services

Evoke an experience in your audience, one that will have them turning page after page, eagerly sharing your words with their friends and colleagues. Not everybody needs a high-level writer, of course, but if exceptional quality and depth are important to you, you’ll benefit from a writer with a literary approach.

Here are some of the types of people who benefit from working with me:

  • Researchers looking for someone to translate complex data into compelling narrative
  • Established writers or consultants with more writing commitments than time
  • Leaders with a big idea for a timeless book, seeking a ghostwriter who can turn their vision into reality
  • Consultants who want their communications (like reports) to be at the same level as their expertise
  • Entrepreneurs who want their communications to be deeply resonant and evocative, not just “good enough”
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