Some details about how we'll work together

How to Format Your Manuscript for Review or Editing

  • Save your manuscript in the most recent version of Microsoft Word (update if necessary)
  • The file name should be your last name and the book’s title (e.g., Chauncey-LivingTheMess.docx). You can add a date, if you’d like (e.g., Chauncey-LivingTheMess-Aug2022).
  • Use 12-point font. Times New Roman and Calibri are both fine.
  • Double-space your manuscript. This allows me to look at each line separately.
  • Use default margins, or 1″ left and right, and 1.25″ top and bottom
  • Pages should be numbered in either the header or footer.

Great! Now you’re ready to send me your manuscript.

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