I’m thrilled to announce that P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna, the first illustrated gift book for adults grieving the loss of a companion animal, will be published by Sounds True on October 27. This book has been nearly four years in the making, and I’m so excited for it to go out into the world and do its work of helping people heal.

It all began with a gift from my friend Francis. You can learn more about the “origin story” and my vision for the book in this blog post. On that page is a sweet book preview that Francis and I narrated. If it speaks to you, please consider sharing it with your social networks. 

If you haven’t already, please consider pre-ordering a copy (or a few!). Pre-orders are extremely important in helping a book launch well. It shows booksellers that there’s a need for this book, and readers eager to buy it. Pre-orders also help us generate publicity and media, which is helpful with a book like this. 

This is not a narrative book like the ones I edit or coach people to write. In fact, I never planned to write this book at all. As Francis says, “This book found us.” I’ve written a number of articles and essays to support the launch, and you can find those on the Tuna Media page. 

Back in January, I planned to send an editing newsletter every month. Then the pandemic hit. I apologize for not sending out more writing-related tips and resources this year. I now understand why they call it a “book baby”–it takes lots of labo(u)r! 

Going through the publishing process, I’ve learned so much. Experiencing the process is different than reading about it (and a lot more fun!). The Sounds True team has been amazing, and I’m happy to have an expanded awareness with which to talk about the publishing industry with my editing clients.   

As for the photo… The top photo is the only one I have of me holding the book (thanks, social distancing!). It was taken by Jackie, who owns a wonderful local burrito shop. Just so you get a sense of the cover, though… here ’tis! 


  1. Beth

    Congrats, Sarah! I am so proud of you and your journey!

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