Caribbean Tourism Quality Report 2015

Destination development firm Resonance Consultancy developed a new algorithm for ranking destinations in more than a dozen categories—a strategy that allows DMOs (destination marketing organizations) and local governments play to a destination’s existing strengths, thereby maximizing revenue while minimizing cost. Their goal was to use the reports as sophisticated content marketing: This is what we know, and this is how we can help you. The challenge was that the algorithm yielded significant amounts of raw data—but asking potential clients to read data in an Excel spreadsheet would have been an exceedingly poor marketing strategy.

Resonance hired me to write narrative around the data points for each destination (for example, looking at new hotel construction and occupancy rates for the places ranked highly in Hotels). I conducted substantial research across a variety of destination-related industries and examined ten-year inbound and outbound tourism trends and wrote the pieces in a tone consistent with the consultancy’s established voice.

This sample is the Cuba chapter from a report ranking the top 10 Caribbean destinations. The report was published about six months prior to the U.S. lifting its embargo.

Client: Resonance Consultancy






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March 30, 2016

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