NASA Sustainability Base

How do you explain aerospace engineering concepts—literal rocket science—to lay people, not only in a way that they can understand, but also in a way that inspires them? That was the challenge facing Enlightened Brand when tasked with creating a overview brochure and comprehensive website for NASA Sustainability Base, an award-winning office building and research lab designed using closed-loop technologies tested on the International Space Station.

After reading numerous interview transcripts from NASA staff, as well as several dozen documents on topics including computational fluid dynamics and HyDE (Hybrid Diagnostic Engine), I wrote a paragraph describing each technology in my own words. Once I felt comfortable that I had a working understanding of each, I wrote the material as I would for any other client—laying down the facts in a storytelling structure, followed by revisions to make the language more evocative. I explained each technology to the best of my understanding, and various staff members checked my work for technical accuracy.

The result was a brochure and website that allowed the public to understand how NASA used technology developed for space to create the greenest building in the United States’ federal government.

Client: Enlightened Brand
End Client: NASA


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March 31, 2016

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